Residential site plans, commonly referred to as house topo's, are prepared for the construction of a new house or addition.

Cities, Townships, and Counties require a house topo to be prepared and approved prior to issuing a building permit. Every municipality has different standards and it's our job to provide the necessary information for approval.

New building lots may be located in a Subdivision or out in the country with there own separate requirements, but in general a house topo will include the following:

  • Boundary Survey
  • Topography of existing lot (Elevations)
  • Location of existing utilities and the elevations (Sanitary, Storm, Water)
  • Location of physical features such as existing pavement, walk, etc.
  • Proposed house and drive location on the lot
  • Proposed elevations of the house and surrounding areas
  • Proposed utility connections (Storm, Sanitary, Water)
  • Proposed Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Staking of the house foundation for excavation